Community Programs

Community Programs have been established to expand the efforts of the ND Cares Program.  Two community program initiatives are ND Cares Community and ND Cares Business.

The ND Cares Community initiative was designed for North Dakota communities to display their pride and support of their Service Members, Veterans, their Families, and Survivors.  Communities may individually join the ND Cares network or they may consolidate their membership under their respective county. 

The ND Cares Business initiative was designed for big and small companies to become part of the ND Cares network.  This initiative will enhance the visibilty of their support to our SMVFS and will allow them to restate their commitment to caring for their SMVFS and all the SMVFS throughout North Dakota. 

These two initiatives, when coupled together, will provide a network of support that can efficiently and effectively address and resolve the grass roots issues of SMVFS.